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Update: Meika, the Shopkeeper

Left to your own devices, you decide to explore the castle. All sorts of beings pass you by - some fierce and thunderous, others extremely delicate and carefully flitting through the crowd. You're starting to feel a little faint when someone reaches out and steadies you with a very fluffy paw.

"Hi! Are you alright there?"

You look down. Err. Up? One of those. A small, shaggy dog blinks back at you.

Before you can respond, she continues. "Oh! You must be new to these parts. My store's just around the corner if you need to find a spot to yourself."

She zooms off, deftly navigating the crowd. You struggle not to lose sight of her. It turns out that "just around the corner" really meant "about five thousand steps away".

As you make a mental note to never trust anyone's measure of time or space ever again, the dog stops in front of an overflowing stall. Meika's Market is emblazoned in fancy gold lettering on a red banner.

As you approach, Meika - presumably - introduces herself. "Welcome! I know you're just about to ask, and I meant to say so earlier, but...I'm Meika, owner of the best market in Catlia! Please, make yourself at home. I can show you around later, if you'd like."

- Posted July 9th 2020
Hey! Welcome to the development blog for Catlia, an upcoming pet site with a fantasy theme and a variety of species to collect.

In a parallel universe, a magical cat monarchy has been established on the moon. Without humans catering to their every whim, the cats were in grave peril - until they discovered they could harness the power of the moon to perform magic. With their newfound abilities, they have been slowly catnapping different animal species from Earth over the years, but haven’t collected enough mana to transport humans yet - it is suspected that humans’ complex thoughts make them more difficult to move.

There’s plenty to do in the meantime, at least! Your life as an ordinary cat on the outskirts of Catlia has taken a strange turn after you decide to finally visit the kingdom. After a brush with death (well, after tripping and landing in a puddle), you find that your rescuer is none other than Mocha, the kingdom’s prince.

While you dry off in the sunshine, Mocha chatters excitedly about what Catlia has to offer:
    • Pets which can be dressed up
    • Discovering new items/pets through alchemy
    • Magical potions that may attract rare species
    • Quests with special rewards
    • Daily events and rewards
    • Random chance shops/Shops with set stock

…and probably other things, but alas. Mocha regretfully explains that he must attend to his royal duties, and wishes you luck.

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- Posted July 2nd 2020